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Cellular Polymers

Cellular Polymers Journal

This journal deals not only with every type of foamed polymer, from elastomeric materials to rigid plastics, but also raw materials, the manufacturing processes and also application technology.

Cellular Polymers is concerned primarily with the science of foamed materials, the technology and state of the art for processing and fabricating, the engineering techniques and principles of the machines used to produce them economically, and their applications in varied and wide ranging uses where they are making an increasingly valuable contribution. Potential problems for the industry are also covered, including fire performance of materials, CFC replacement technology, recycling and environmental legislation.

Reviews of technical and commercial advances in the manufacturing and application technologies are also included.

Cellular Polymers covers these and other related topics and also pays particular attention to the ways in which the science and technology of cellular polymers is being developed throughout the world.

Edited by Prof V. Kumar, University of Washington, USA

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