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Polymers from Renewable Resources

Polymers from Renewable Resources

Polymers from Renewable Resources, launched in 2010, publishes leading research that is focused on the development of renewable polymers and their application in the production of industrial, consumer, and medical products.

The progressive decline of fossil resources, together with the ongoing increases in oil prices, has initiated an increase in the search for alternatives based on renewable resources for the production of energy. The prevalence of petroleum and carbon based chemistry for the production of organic chemical goods has generated a variety of initiatives aimed at replacing fossil sources with renewable counterparts. In particular, major efforts are being conducted in polymer science and technology to prepare macromolecular materials based on renewable resources. Also gaining momentum is the utilisation of vegetable biomass either by the separation of its components and their development or after suitable chemical modification.

This journal is a valuable addition to academic, research and industrial libraries, research institutions dealing with the use of natural resources and materials science and industrial laboratories concerned with polymer science.

Editor: Professor Sigbritt Karlsson, KTH, Sweden

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