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Page Range: p.37-44
Author(s): Mohit Kumar; Akhouri Sanjay Kumar Sinha
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Journal: Applied Polymer Composites
Issue Year: apc
Volume: 2
Issue No: No. 1

Wheat straw fibres obtained by soda pulping process have been used to reinforce phenol formaldehyde resin to develop wheat straw fibre/phenol formaldehyde (WS/PF) composites. The optimisation of important process parameters like temperature, pressure, time and fibres percentage in the composites has been performed. The minimum and maximum process parameters have been worked out, and finally response surface methodology has been used to optimize the process conditions to get best properties of the WS/PF composite. The experimental design has variation range of temperature from 95oC to 195oC, pressure from 0 to 31 MPa, time from 15 to 82 minutes and weight percentage of wheat straw fibres from 10 to 100. The optimized results show good strength properties at 148oC temperature, 48 minutes time, 33.5 MPa pressure and 58 weight percent fibres in the composite. Density of the composite material has been found to vary from 1.25 to 1.38 gm/cm3. 13 Refs.