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Title: Characterization of polydimethyl siloxane-colemanite composite pastes
Page Range: p.193-212
Author(s): Pinar Turan Beyli; Mehmet Dogan; Mahir Alkan
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Journal: Applied Polymer Composites
Issue Year: apc
Volume: 2
Issue No: No.4

Composite pastes have been prepared with colemanite powders and linear, nonreactive polydimethyl siloxane. Solid:liquid ratio, particle size and temperature effects on the rheological properties of composite pastes have been studied using Rosand RH10 capillary rheometer. The resulting ceramic composites have been characterised by DTA/TG, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and XRD. The paste exhibited a non-Newtonian and a pseudoplastic rheological behaviour. At a certain particle size distribution the shear viscosity of paste increased with increasing solid concentration. It was found that pastes behave as a shear thinning fluid in the temperature range of 30-75 deg C and was successfully described by the Power-law model. Power law index n was approx. 0.5 which means the paste is a non-Newtonian material. The consistency coefficient of pastes increased with increasing solid level and decreasing temperature. All solid colemanite particles were covered with polydimethyl siloxane and a homogenous composite material was obtained. 19 Refs.