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Title: Effect of water absorption on coconut fibre reinforced functionalized polyethylene composites developed by palsule process
Page Range: p.229-238
Author(s): Anshu Anjali Singh; Sanjay Palsule
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Journal: Applied Polymer Composites
Issue Year: apc
Volume: 2
Issue No: No.4

10/90, 20/80 and 30/70 CNF/CF-HDPE - Coconut fibre (CNF) reinforced chemically functionalised high density polyethylene composites developed by Palsule process were immersed in distilled water at room temperature for 6600 hours. The amount of water absorbed by the CNF/CF-HDPE composites immersed in the water, increases with increasing amounts of the reinforcing coconut fibres in the composites. Tensile modulus and tensile strength of the water absorbed wet CNF/CF-HDPE composites are lower than those of the dry composites; but are higher than the dry and wet CF-HDPE matrix. 9 Refs.